Bob Bost - ONE Midtown Kitchen

Bob Bost - Maître D’ at ONE Midtown Kitchen

By: Lia Picard


Atlanta has thousands of people working in the restaurant industry. The most recognizable faces among them are often times chefs, doing what they do to keep us well-fed. But what about the other people who make up the fabric of the industry? Here at Nosh Talks we’re highlighting people from all walks of life that make up the restaurant industry in Atlanta, shedding a light on those who keep it going.

Today we’re profiling Bob Bost, the Maître D’ at ONE Midtown Kitchen. ONE is an OG of the Atlanta dining scene having opened its doors in 1999 and was the first restaurant of the Concentrics group (which now has seven restaurants in Atlanta alone and others in cities like San Diego and Louisville).

If you’ve been to ONE in the past 14 years, odds are you’ve probably met Bob Bost the self-proclaimed “host with the most.” He’s exuberant and affable, and a shining fixture at the Atlanta staple.

Bost has called Atlanta home for over 40 years, and while he loves his job, his career path was far from typical. His original career goal? To be a Roman Catholic priest. He actually went to school to become one, and lived in a monastery until he realized that priesthood just wasn’t for him. After “kicking the habit” (his words, not ours) he headed down to Atlanta and pursued his passion for acting while working down the street from the would-be ONE location.

Throughout his time at ONE he’s seen the city change around him, as well as the restaurant itself evolve.

“Consumers are more sophisticated now,” he explained.  “It used to be pork, chicken, and now there’s kale.”

But, as he does with most things in life, Bost projects his positive attitude on the changes taking place around him. He even has kind words for his millennial colleagues saying that while they are of a “me” generation, they’re also “more knowledgeable and they have to answer questions people didn’t have to know before.”

In an industry fraught with challenges, Bost remains a hospitality purist who is happy to serve others – while on the lookout for the next movie role.

You can visit Bob Bost at ONE Midtown Kitchen, 559 Dutch Valley Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 and catch him on film on his IMDB page

Photography by: Karen Pagano