Anna Comstock - West Egg Cafe

Anna Comstock - General Manager at West Egg Cafe

By: Lia Picard


Atlanta has thousands of people working in the restaurant industry. The most recognizable faces among them are oftentimes chefs, doing what they do to keep us well-fed. But what about the other people who make up the fabric of the industry? Here at Nosh Talks we’re highlighting people from all walks of life that make up the restaurant industry in Atlanta, shedding a light on those who keep it going.

Today we’re profiling Anna Comstock, the General Manger of West Egg Cafe. West Egg is an Atlanta brunch staple since opening its doors on the Westside in 2004.

"For many people, it’s a breakfast and lunch spot, but to Anna it’s her village."

She started as a server in 2011, having worked in other restaurants in Atlanta since she was 16 years old. Even though she had never managed before she knew that that was the direction she wanted to go in and exceled in hospitality. When the group that owns West Egg opened up Yalla and Fred’s Meat and Bread in Krog Street Market, Shelly Sweet (one of the partners), offered her a part-time management position. “I was a part-time server here, and a part-time manager there – and I loved it.” Shelly could see the potential for greatness in Anna, so when the GM position opened up at West Egg she knew Anna was ready.

“I felt like West Egg was mine.”

Advancing at West Egg was a huge career move, but it wasn’t just about Anna – it was also about her seven year old daughter Elaina. Of her newly acquired role she said, “I’m not doing this for myself I’m doing this for her as well.” Commuting from Gwinnett County to the Westside isn’t easy, but knowing that she’s providing a better life for her daughter makes it worth it.

As a manager, Anna hopes to be as supportive to her employees as Shelly, who she calls her mentor, has been to her. She loves guiding people who haven’t been in the industry before, and she’s attuned to their needs.

“If there’s something going on with your life I want to know about it and help you through it.”

If you’re lucky enough to work under Anna, enjoy it while it lasts – she’s ambitious, and plans to open up her own restaurant one day.


Photography by: Karen Pagano