Kristen Mooney - No. 246


Kristen Mooney | Captain No. 246

by: Lia Picard


Atlanta has thousands of people working in the restaurant industry. The most recognizable faces among them are often times chefs, doing what they do to keep us well-fed. But what about the other people who make up the fabric of the industry? Here at Nosh Talks we’re highlighting people from all walks of life that make up the restaurant industry in Atlanta, shedding a light on those who keep it going.

Today we’re profiling Kristen Mooney, the Captain at No. 246 in Decatur. No. 246 opened its doors in 2011, serving up handmade pastas, pizzas and other Modern-Italian eats. You can find No. 246 off Decatur’s main drag along Ponce de Leon.

Mooney is a woman of many talents. A native of Atlanta, she left in college to attend New York University and study dancing. It was in NYC that she took her first job as a server in a ballroom as a side jobs to help pay for that private university tuition. She lived in a variety of other cities – Los Angeles and Lancaster, Pennsylvania to name a couple – before returning to Atlanta.

She tried working a 9-5 job but that just wasn’t her “personality,” she explained.

Being stuck at a desk just wasn’t her. But working in the industry was, “something (she) always came back to.” She’s worked at No. 246 for almost three years and feels right at home. 

As the Captain at No. 246 she’s the liaison between the front of the house and management. She loves that while she goes to work at the same place every day, she’s able to do different things, like one of her passions: photography. In addition to working as the captain at No. 246 she also has a photography business. Working in the service industry has allowed her to have a flexible schedule to grow that business, as well as use those skills on the job. “That’s one of the things I love about working here,” she says, “you can learn about the areas you want to grow in.” For her, this means snapping gorgeous shots of Chef Drew Belline’s dishes.

And when she’s not snapping pics or working at the restaurant? “I’m choreographing ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,’ a musical,  for Brookwood High School in Gwinnett County.” Otherwise, you can find her bouncing around town with her dogs, Lucy, an 11 year old Yorkie and Gibson, a seven year old Pomeranian Mix.  Her advice for anyone starting out in the industry?

“Learn as much as you can. The more you know, the better you can be! And no one is better than anyone else.”